Aroma Cleanse Skin & Body Detox the Pox 100grms


Aroma Cleanse Skin & Body Detox the Pox 100grms

A natural, hand blended cream cleanser designed to cleanse and hydrate skin, restoring its natural balance. This cleanser will also keep the skin bacteria and infection free.


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This rich natural formulation cream cleanser is gentle but thorough in helping to keep hydration levels balanced whilst healing and clearing the skin & helping it to stay pimple/break out free. Comes in a travel easy plastic bottle with pump. Like all Aroma Spa products, it contains all natural ingredients and essential oils, adding an aromatherapy perfume aspect while supporting and balancing the skin while through cleansing. The therapeutic aspect of this product is more intensive than others and thus the product may also smell more perfumed (due to the strength of the essential oils). This helps the skin without being too overpowering or aggravating sensitivities. However with the initial use of this product, the skin may experience minor breakouts as the skin begins to detox and readjust. This is completely normal and indicates the skin is now functioning better to clear impurities and reach natural equilibrium. Ingredients: Ingredients: Essential oils of tea tree, lavender, juniper, sage, grapefruit, vegetable oils of avocado, grapeseed, jojoba & apricot, water, lavender floral water sandalwood & orange floral water, vegetable glycerine, beeswax, olive emulsifier, steraric acid, xanthan gum, natural eco cert perserv, grapefruit extract.


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