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Hi, & welcome to Aroma Spa Aromatic & Nutritional Alchemy.  Combining  Therapeutic Aromatherapy & Skin Nutrition, along with Holistic Principles & Practices, for Physical & Emotional Beauty & Wellbeing. I am personally very excited to share my passion & knowledge of aromatherapy with you, after all it saved my life.

Aromatherapy is natures great gift to humanity. An incredible healing herbal medicine, both physically & emotionally. Healing and balancing  gently but very powerfully.

I have combined my wisdom & experience of  my lifetime along with Beauty Therapy & Aromatherapy Practices & Principles of  over 25 years to  bring you my gorgeous Holistic Products.

The products are made in small batches from the purest nutritional ingredients, organic or wild crafted where possible to  ensure that the ‘life force’ of the plants are still intact. The ingredients are sourced from our natural environment in beautiful New Zealand and the essential oils are sourced from all over the world by me personally so that I can guarantee that they are the very best.
The creams are beautiful to use, having soft velvety tactile textures that aromatically take you on a sensorial experience. Combining these healing Aromatics with the purest Skin Nutrition results in a truly unique & magical Alchemy.

How it All Began

As a qualified Beauty Therapist I opened my first salon ‘Beauty Works’ in 1992 in Auckland.  I started dabbling in Aromatherapy as I knew I wanted to merge Beauty with Health somehow & after getting amazing results with my clients using essential oils in my treatments, I realised Aromatherapy was it.  I was a bad asthmatic & so was my Mum so I decided I was going to become an Aromatherapist as I needed it on all levels.  Unfortunately, before I was qualified my Mum had a fatal asthma attack.  Coming out the other side devastated & heart broken I was more determined to get myself asthma free as a dedication to her.

The name Aroma Spa came about after I finished my aromatherapy training and I was about to embark on the biggest challenge of my life. The challenge to rid myself of asthma, off nasty steriods & living a life of health & happiness. So I saved myself and got myself healthy and living a life without asthma as a dedication to my beautiful Mum with my first Aroma Spa remedy.  The product was called ‘Breathe & Relieve’, which is still part of my range & my favourite product. My hope is to pass my knowledge of aromatherapy & skin nutrition through my products to my children & many generations to come.  I also want to help you restore your beauty, wellbeing & happiness with my gorgeous skincare, remedies & rituals.

Unfortunatley sometimes we have to go through alot of pain & suffering to stir up that need to actually do something about our health or something that is not working well in our lives to unleash our full potential . This is mine. I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy making them. If I can inspire you & your family to look after your health & physical & emotional wellbeing just a little better with my products, remedies, skin nutrition and my health tips, I feel I have done something meaningful.

Remember we are what we eat, what we put on our skin & into our bodys & how balanced our emotional health is. Our emotional health can over ride all the goodness we put in causing our body to become unbalanced & break down. Using Aromatherapy in your everyday life can help to balance you on not only a physical level but also on a emotional & even spiritual level.  Please spread the love and feel free to get in touch through our facebook, instagram or ‘contact us’ form.

Wishing you an incredible & healthy life….like what I wish I could have given to my Mother…. however I feel her love of flowers & plants & people has been honoured by creating these products. The amazing gift that scent gives us provokes memories of time & moments like the many I had with her. These are relived every day when I smell these scents as I use my products & I think of her & know she would be very proud of me.-Bronwyn Evans, Aroma Spa Founder & Formulator

Aroma Spa NZ

Massage without Aromatherapy is like an orchestra without a conductor..

Aroma Spa NZ



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